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Easy access to & from all Southern New Jersey Shore points.  Located just off the Garden State Parkway, Exit 40 south & the White Horse Pike, (Route 30).

The goal of Pet-Assisted Therapy is to improve human health through the Human-Animal Bond.  Lou Orth can train and certify your dog as a service dog for use in pet assisted therapy.

Service Dog Service Dog  

Therapy Dogs or Service Dogs must be trained by a certified professional.  Lou Orth is a certified professional dog trainer.

Therapy dogs can help people in need of emotional support. Therapy dogs can assist children and adults in school, the home, and retirement homes. Studies show animals do provide emotional support and help to cheer up patients in hospitals and clinics.

A properly trained Service Dog or Therapy Dog has a relaxed temperament. It is vital that the dog is able to handle stressful situations without barking or scaring the person they are there to support. Therapy dogs are trained to be positive companions ready to receive love or simply be there in the room with someone who feels alone.

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